About the Owners

We are Stacey and David Vecellio, owners of The Grain Loft.  We have always been a creative couple and knew that one day we wanted to open up a business that involved our entire family. Between the two of us, we have five kids and an idea that started with our oldest daughter who grew up saying that she was going to have a barn wedding.  This is where the dream began. A few years ago, we opened our first venue, The Cupola Barn, just outside of Milwaukee, WI. From there, everything went really fast! While on a mini vacation in Door County, after our first successful year of business, we stumbled upon this property.  Upon touring the space, we knew it had everything we were looking for in a second property.

As our dreams became a reality, yet again, our number one priority remains the same – making our guests happy.  Our industrial space creates the perfect “blank canvas” that you can transform to match your preferences and personality.  We take pride in our attention to detail and are confident that the memories you make here will last a lifetime.